la poste

Mail-wise, I hit the jackpot this week. I have two cardboard boxes in the corner of my room right now. Two boxes postmarked in the U.S.A. Two boxes that were packed up with goodness and love and taped down and sent out from Michigan. That is what I call the mail jackpot and I have won it.

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The first of my winnings arrived on Saturday morning: a package from my Aunt Colleen and Julie. My host father and I went to the post office together to pick it up. We returned with a nice big box, full of Christmas-ey treats. I couldn’t have been happier. I got to share some Nice! Chocolate Chip Cookies with my host family and show them little Christmas toys and the National Enquirer my Aunt Colleen included. It was the perfect little taste of home.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMy second set of mail lottery winnings arrived last night. A shoebox package was waiting for me on the stairs when I came home. Inside I found two signed dog bones and some Hershey’s kisses and most importantly, a scarf made from two scarves I knit and one my mom knit. She braided them together and sent them to me. I wore the scarf last night and all day today and I plan to wear it again tomorrow.

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I have never, ever, ever been more excited to get mail than I have been since I arrived in France. Every card I’ve received is up on my wall. All the little gifts on display in my room. When I get packages from home, I feel like I’ve received part of the person wrapped up in a box. Everything in my Aunt Colleen’s package was so representative of her. When I opened it, I felt like she was with me. And when I wrapped my mom’s scarf around my neck, I felt like she was hugging me. I have little parts of home with me now and that feels so, so good. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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